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It sounds like a lot of time and effort but…I met my husband and all that time and effort were SO worth it. Dating isn’t JUST the numbers game (if it was, everyone who’s gone on a bunch of dates would be happily married now.) The little known secret is in your attitude.

Let’s do a quick test…Think about a date that’s coming up tonight or this weekend (hope you have at least one date planned this week.) When you think about it, what thoughts come to your mind?

You hate his bushy beard; you hate the way he holds his fork.

And you are thinking "Sh****t, how the heck did this happen? Worse, as days or, God forbid, weeks go by, you start actually everything about this guy.

Now, if you’re like me and picked category #2, then dating is going to be fun and easy for you (most of the time.) If you’re open and can list 10 reasons about why you’re excited about your next date, you’re more likely to show up as your best self and connect with a guy.

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If you heard anything about the law of attraction, you know that each of us projects energy into the real world. A man might have no clue about it but he’ll subconsciously pick up on your energy.

When I talk to a single woman who wants to find love and ask her how she feels about dating, I usually get responses like: “Oh, I’m so tired of dating. There are just NO GOOD MEN out there so what’s the point? If you know my story, you heard that I’ve gone on 100 dates in less than a year.

It’s just a waste of time.” Or, like an email I received from someone another day saying, “I’ve been single for years.

If your energy and attitude on the date are negative, it’s like an invisible block that stands between you and a man who could be the One for you.

That’s how critically important it’s to become aware of this so that you can break the negative pattern.

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You can also establish an accountability group made up of those who know and love you.

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You probably would have been willing to walk 100 miles in a blizzard if it meant your ex would change their mind about the breakup, right?